What is Hempcrete ?

Hempcrete is an amazing sustainable building material. Hempcrete is hemp hurd mixed with a lime binder that is used as insulation. “Hempcrete” is the go-to nickname of this material because you form it much like concrete, but hempcrete is primarily used as insulation and is NOT a replacement for concrete. The properties of the hemp plant, namely the porosity of the stalk, when combined with the lime binder give it the abilities to affect temperature and humidity and will render the building fire, mold, and pest resistant!

Yes, you read that correctly! Hemp is a natural building material that requires no toxic materials in its growing or building process! Industrial Hemp is one of the most sustainable crops to grow. Hemp absorbs a lot of CO2, it actually replenishes the soil, it’s a natural weed “blocker”, it grows quickly and has thousands of uses. It is estimated that 3 acres of industrial hemp could yield enough material to build a 1,500 sq. ft. hempcrete home!

We are a company passionate about making peoples lives healthier through sustainable hempcrete construction. We believe the construction methods currently in place should be improved by incorporating and moving towards sustainable, non-toxic materials for healthier indoor air quality and a healthier planet, while moving away from petroleum-based, high carbon footprint materials. We are available for hire as hempcrete installers or as instructors for workshops.

Left Hand Hemp

Build with Hemp. It just makes sense!