Help Build the first Permitted Hemp Structure in Denver

Urban Architecture meets Hempcrete

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Mixing lime, water and hemp hurd

Hempcrete is said to be one of the best building materials on Earth. Combining the idealistic properties of natural humidity control, a carbon negative footprint and fire, pest and mold resistance, hempcrete is the exciting sustainable kid on the block. With hemp grown in over 30 states, everyone has the opportunity to live in a hempcrete home. If you have ever been interested in learning about this material, we invite you to attend a hemp construction workshop. 

Left Hand Hemp , a Colorado building company specializing in industrial hemp construction, is hosting a demonstration workshop open to the public on hemp lime construction (hempcrete), an innovative sustainable building method with a low carbon footprint. The workshop will feature the first permitted hemp building in Denver and will take place from Saturday, September 30th to Thursday, October 5th from ( 9 am-5 pm) in Park Hill of Denver, Colorado.

This historic Colorado educational workshop is appropriate for contractors, building experts, architects, homeowners and sustainability-oriented building and design professionals. Attendees will learn how industrial hemp works as insulation in a 16 X 20 workshop building. Over the period of five days, Left Hand Hemp will teach the basics of hempcrete building using three ingredients: hemp hurd (the inner stalk of the hemp plant), lime, and water.

“Hemp as a natural building material is superior to other insulation materials because it is fireproof, resistant to mold, pests, and weather,” said Kelly Thornton, President of Left Hand Hemp. The hemp mixture naturally regulates humidity, temperature and even gets stronger over time.

For more info see: Denver Hemp Workshop

Come for one, three or six days!

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What’s Included:

Hempcrete mixTwo meals a day, bathrooms, water, resources to take with you, and a hands-on full learning experience.

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Press Release – Denver’s First Permitted Hempcrete Structure