Hempcrete Seminars

Hempcrete is said to be the greatest building material on Earth and here is your chance to learn how to build with it! Industrial Hemp is one of the most sustainable crops to grow because it pulls toxins from the air and soil and farmers love the way it renders the soil cleaner and with more nutrients than before it was planted, unlike corn, soy and wheat which often leaves the ground depleted of nutrients. The average estimate of 2-3 acres of hemp crop provide enough material to build a 1,500 sq. ft. hempcrete home!

The porous properties of the hemp hurd (broken up stalk) makes any properly built hempcrete structure an excellent humidity controller. When mixed with lime binders, it renders the building flame, mold and pest resistant! Yes, you “hurd” that correctly! Hemp is a natural building material that requires no toxic materials in its growing or building process.

The founder, Kelly Thornton, first learned about sustainable building materials through strawbale construction. After learning about hemp has even better properties than straw, he knew hemp construction could be a game changer for communities across the world. Which is why this summer, the company will be teaching seminars across the country and three different workshops on Native American Reservations.

Left Hand Hemp is looking for individuals that want to learn more about the properties and building process of hempcrete. Learn about the workshops here

Because it is a fairly new concept to this country, many folks don’t know how it works until they get their hands in it. “We know hempcrete is the best building material on Earth, we want to teach everyone how to build with it so that they can take the knowledge with them.”

What can you expect from attending a workshop? Expect to leave with enough resources to build your own home and the knowledge to teach others how to build in their community. By working hands-on with the materials, students will feel the properties and characteristics of the material and will learn how to properly build.

Left Hand Hemp will be conducting hempcrete seminars as often as they come our way. The seminars will include a week full of hempcrete education by participating in every aspect of the construction of a structure from mixing to building, participants will walk away with a head full of knowledge about hempcrete as a natural building material.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop, contact us at lefthandhemp@gmail.com or go here to sign up.

Refunds will not be issued after two weeks before the build start date, cancellation due to weather, or host cancellation.

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