Left Hand Hemp is available for hire to install hempcrete into the walls of your project, be it a house, garage, shed, or chicken coop! With four years of experience with hempcrete construction, we are an internationally recognized name in the industry and the only one you’ll need. Hempcrete is a viable option for any homeowner or builder to use and is exceptionally environmentally friendly. This carbon negative material will work to control humidity and pull carbon dioxide from the air as it cures, naturally! Hempcrete is non-toxic, fire-resistant, mold and pest proof. It has been used extensively in countries around the world like England, France, Ukraine and Germany. There are also many examples of hempcrete homes in the U.S. in all different climates. We will be doing limited workshops moving forward, so if you are wanting to host a workshop, call us today!


Kelly Thornton, Founder of Left Hand Hemp, has a BA in History, Education, with a minor in German and a Master’s Degree in Hydrogeology. His passion for the planet is what led him to seek an advanced degree in earth sciences. His knowledge of home construction coupled with a desire to build with sustainable materials put him on the path towards green building. He attended multiple straw bale workshops and in 2014, when his work with straw bale construction met with his experiences in the Colorado cannabis industry he discovered that hempcrete was the ultimate green building material. In 2016, he formed Left Hand Hemp which began as a consulting company focused on educating the public on hempcrete construction by way of educational seminars. He wishes to see the hemp industry become the backbone of a new global economy.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. may i please get on a list to receive info about the Haiti workshop when it is available? Wish i could attend one closer to home, but my schedule does not permit.
    thank you,Bonnie Richards

    1. Hi Bonnie! Thank you for your interest! What is your email address? I will send you info on Haiti! We are so excited about this project!

  2. Hello my family and I live in Virginia and want to learn and build a hemp concrete home. Any chance you may be expanding to the East Coast? Do you know aorganizations that hold similar workshops in my area?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thanks for reaching out! If you want to build a hempcrete home, we can come and host a class and help you build it! Check out our “host a workshop” page. What is a good contact for you? We can explain in more detail. (I don’t have to approve that comment to be public.)

  3. Can it be used as insulation? What is the R-Value? For example fiberglass is R-3 per inch of depth. Thank you for your time.

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