Basics of Hempcrete Properties

Hempcrete is an insulating material, so there still needs to be a post and beam structure.

  • Flameproof (Due to Lime and Plaster)


  • Mold/Mildew resistant (Lime creates Alkaline environment)


  • Insect/pest resistant (Bugs and rodents can’t eat through it)


  • Vapor Permeable (Actually breathes)


  • Best Natural Insulator (~R2/Inch but studies are showing it preforming even better than that)


  • Up 1,314 pounds of water vapor could be stored in 1 cubic metre or 35 cubic feet of hempcrete – so this means that very humid climates will still keep dry and cool because water vapor slowly wicks out of wall (The Hempcrete Book)

    Hempcrete Sauna inside
    Hempcrete Sauna build March 10, 2018