Living the Hemp life from sun up to sun down

Living the Hemp life from sun up to sun down

Hemp has infiltrated my life in every way and I highly recommend incorporating the wonder plant into YOUR life.

But where do you begin?

Step 1: Eat hemp. Hemp seed has more protein per ounce than salmon. It is the most easily digestible plant protein that has iron, magnesium, essential fatty acids and omegas! Hemp seed, hemp oil, hemp protein powder make up various snacks and meals made and they are delicious! A few of my favorites are: Hemp Way Foods, Hemp Heroe, Evo Hemp, Good Seed Burger and Sustainabutter.

Step 2: Vote with your dollars. If you really want to see hemp help the economy, agriculture industry and green energy movement, you need to buy stuff to help it! Stop buying Chinese cotton and plastic and buy hemp clothing and hemp plastic! Industrial hemp truly has the capability of: making natural medicine to heal our bodies, replacing petroleum with bio-fuel to run our machines, shift from harmful building methods to all natural ones, revitalize our depleted farm lands AND replace plastic, cotton and traditional wood paper.

Step 3: Get involved. This is the toughest one. I know we are all forced to chase that arbitrary paper dollar on the daily, but until we break free from that cycle, you must work hard to fit in time for things that benefit your well-being. I recommend finding time to get involved with hemp supporters and see how you can help.
If you live in state where hemp cultivation is not yet legal, get involved in rule making processes, connect with the department of Agriculture (or whatever program oversees the farming of hemp), gather an interested network of sustainability supporters and work to get hemp mainstream an legalized. There are many association and groups across the country. Check out the National Hemp Association and the Hemp Industries Association to find out more about who’s involved in states across the US.
If hemp is already legal in your state, grow it! There are endless possibilities and products to be made from hemp. Find a product that you enjoy making and sell the shit out of it to your community. If you can’t grow it, volunteer with a farmer who is, intern for a company who’s just begun or offer your time to learn more about this upcoming industry in the US.

Step 4: Meditate. With all the noise in the world today, take 20 minutes a day to turn off your mind and let it connect with your Chakras. The answers to questions and problems will come with ease when you are open to receiving them. Love is the answer to creating a better world. Find your voice, take care of yourself and love.

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