Lawrence, Kansas July 21st – 27th

Left Hand Hemp is excited for Kansas to realize the concept that hempcrete can keep humidity and temperate regualted in a green house. This example will prove the concept thathempcrete can be used in conjuction with big windows and skylights for lots of sun and warmth, with no risk of mold ! When used as structural support, hempcrete can increase the load strength of a study wall by a factor of three to four times.

In the hosts’ own words: “We are Andrea, Steve and Abigale Myers. We are organic (not certified…yet) farmers in the Kansas City area, our farm is called Bee Too Love Farm. Both Steve and I have a deep passion for health and wellness. This passion started with the food we ate and produced but has now spread into the environment in which we live and spend our time in. On our farm, the current focus is an indoor microgreen production (we call them Shoots!). In 2017, our lives changed significantly when my health crashed due to mold inside our home. As we began to work on healing all of our bodies, we bought new land in Lawrence, Kansas (home to KU) and started our search for the absolute healthiest and safest building materials available.

When we came across hempcrete we were thrilled. To not only have a safe and healthy building material but to have one that sequesters carbon is exactly in alignment with ourfoundation as a farm. We are excited to be the first indoor grow facility, that we know of, in the United States using hempcrete to create a sustainable, safe and healthy environment for the plants and humans working amongst them.

Our land in Lawrence is near the beautiful Clinton Lake. Our property sits upon a hill overlooking a valley. We have a wonderful barn for future livestock and two ponds. The grow facility we are building we be at the front of our property, for easy access and to be next to our farm store. The grow facility is 24 ft by 60 ft and is South facing. We will have south windows to let in light and take advantage of passive solar. We will also have multiple sun tunnels on the roof to aide in lighting the facility. We are doing our best to eliminate the need for fluorescent bulbs for the health of humans and our planet.” 🌍

We currently grow approximately 150 lbs of microgreens (shoots) per week. With this new facility we will be able to double our production.

  • Camping Gear for all weather elements
  • Long-sleeves & Work Boots
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sun & Mosquito Protection
  • Water Bottle
  • Hotel Accommodations if not camping on site
  • Notebook & Questions
  • Workshop Dates are 7/21 through 7/27 (Arrive Saturday the 20th & leave Sunday the 28th)

How to sign up: Send an email with your name and that this is the workshop you’re wanting to attend. Left Hand Hemp will confirm there is still space available first and then send you an info packet. To keep tuition price low, we don’t use any online merchants who charge a fee. So we ask that you pay by check by mail or one of our online tools listed below.
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