Lindale, Texas April 28th – May 4th

About our Hosts and the Project

We became interested in hempcrete last summer after researching and experimenting with other alternative wall construction systems, including Aircrete, Pumicecrete, and light-clay-straw (LCS).  We were impressed by the physical and chemical characteristics of hempcrete as a natural building material.

David & Dianna

The house is framed out on a concrete foundation and is ready for the hempcrete infill this Spring!

The exterior wall framing is double-stud construction, which will facilitate form board attachment and result in a straight, even surface.  When finished, we will apply a lime-based plaster on the inside and outside surfaces of the exterior walls.

“We were impressed by the physical and chemical characteristics of hempcrete as a natural building material.  The important characteristics we were looking for were:

> Energy efficiency > Maintains a consistent temperature
> Does not shrink, so there are no crack lines > Negative carbon footprint
> Promotes a healthy environment > Absorbs moisture & humidity inside the building
> Non-toxic > Anti-microbial and anti-fungal
> Fire and pest resistant > Gains in strength over time
> Easy to construct if done correctly
So building with hemp & lime construction it was an easy decision for us to make!”

Registration Information

Tuition is priced at $600 for a full week-long workshop (April 28th – May 4th 2019) which includes 3 meals a day, camping, showers, certification of completion and a hands-on natural building lesson where we construct a hempcrete home together. We are no longer taking online payments, however there are electronic options if you wish. Register below.

Items to Bring

  • Camping Gear for all weather elements
  • Long-sleeves & Work Boots
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sun & Mosquito Protection
  • Water Bottle
  • Hotel Accommodations if not camping on site
  • Notebook & Questions
  • Workshop Dates are 4/28 through 5/4 (Arrive Saturday night the 27th & leave Sunday the 5th)

More about the Texas area

Our building site is in northeast Texas, about 8 miles west of Lindale.  It’s in the country and well outside the city limits, on County Road 437.  This road was part of the old Dallas-Shreveport trail in the 1800’s, you can still see some of the deep ruts left by stagecoaches.

Just 12 miles south on U.S. highway 69 is the Rose Capital of America, Tyler, known for its rose production, cultivation and processing.

To the west on U.S. highway 80 is Grand Saline.  The name derived from the large subterranean salt deposits in the area that are owned by the Morton Sazlt Company.   A popular point of interest in Grand Saline is the Salt Palace & Museum.

How to sign up: Regsiter here To keep tuition price low, we dont use any online merchants who charge a fee. So we ask that pay by check by mail or one of our free online tools. Venmo – James-Thornton-20 Zelle – 970-433-0414 or check to James Thornton at 8765 Streamcrest Dr. Boulder, CO 80302