Ironton, Minnesota August 4th-10th

Come learn, connect and join in the excitement of constructing the first hempcrete home in Ironton, Minnesota and help this family reach their goals in the beautiful land of 10,000 lakes!

Patrick and Brita grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes. Growing up surrounded by forests, pristine lakes and of course plenty of snow, they both share a love of nature and enjoy boating, skiing, hiking, fishing and pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. Nowadays they enjoy exposing their two boys, Gunner (4) and Sully (2), to these activities whenever possible.

With 8 years of contracting experience in his family-owned business, Patrick has much knowledge and expertise of the building trade. He is enthralled about the use of new sustainable materials and their applications. His skills and adaptability to learn new methods of the building trade are a real asset in laying the foundation for the hempcrete home project.

Brita has always had a passion for homes built with sustainable, living, non-toxic materials that “breathe”. She knows its incredible to live with your environment in a symbiotic way instead of destroying it. In pursuing this passion, she has gone on multiple volunteer “missions” by helping build: cob homes in Kentucky, an off-grid eco-resort in Hawaii and actively participates in sustainable living centers around the local area. With Patrick’s expertise in the trades and Brita’s passion for eco-friendly homes, they plan to construct the first hempcrete home in Minnesota.

Beautifully forested Ironton, MN

How to sign up: Regsiter here To keep tuition price low, we dont use any online merchants who charge a fee. So we ask that pay by check by mail or one of our free online tools.

  • Camping Gear for all weather elements
  • Long-sleeves & Work Boots
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sun & Mosquito Protection
  • Water Bottle
  • Hotel Accommodations if not camping on site
  • Notebook & Questions
  • Workshop Dates are 8/4 through 8/10 (Arrive Saturday night the 3rd & leave Sunday the 11th)