Host a workshop

Are you ready for a hempcrete structure on your property?

Why should you build with hempcrete? It is fire-proof, mold proof and totally non-toxic! The natural temperature-regulating, insulating material is easy to build with. Let us teach you and a class of like-minded participants how to build with hempcrete on your property!

Take a look at how it works:

Homeowner’s Role:

  • Have the structure ready for the workshop
  • Provide 3 meals a day
  • Provide space for camping
  • Be ready to have fun

    Left Hand Hemp Will:

  • Consult with you and the city through each step of your build
  • Provide expertise in the hempcrete field
  • Bring and teach interested participants to install the hempcrete
  • Provide a fun and exciting learning environment
  • Ensure the hempcrete process is completed
  • We encourage interested parties to attend a workshop to see how the whole thing works!

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