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Grow your own home

An estimate of 2 acres can produce enough hemp hurd to grow a 1,500 sq. ft. home. If you have ever wanted a grounding building that comes from the Earth and helps the environment, come learn about hempcrete.

Farming hemp helps the Earth as it grows because it pulls toxins from the soil and traps them in its roots, leaving the soil healthier than before. It also pulls carbon dioxide from the air.

The breathability of hempcrete regulates temperature and humidity because it is vapor permeable, which allows air to be exchanged into and out of the walls. The binding agent, hydraulic lime is alkaline which inhibits mold and mildew growth. Hempcrete will not degrade in the walls over time (unlike fiberglass) because it essentially takes on qualities of limestone through carbon dioxide absorption.

Hempcrete is ideal for building communities. All one needs are some hemp stalks (hurd), some water, hydraulic lime, lots of helping hands, and a post and beam structure to erect a building of your choice.

Left Hand Hemp wants to teach you how to build with this material. Attend a workshop to learn the process of using this material, gain an understanding of other natural building styles, receive a certificate of completion, eat organic meals and have fun an awesome group of people.

About the Montrose cabin build

Blue Dog Hemp and Left Hand Hemp are combining forces to host and teach a hempcrete seminar in Montrose, Colorado. The land owned by Blue Dog Hemp will be used to start growing industrial hemp from seed on 135 acres. The farm will have a hydroponic system, a 2,500 sq. ft. greenhouse and hempcrete structures, all to educate, help the hemp industry grow and bring economic value and sustainable practices to the Western Slope. Blue Dog Hemp is excited to become part of the Montrose community and wants to invite anyone that is interested to come take part in the workshop.

The educational workshops will provide valuable knowledge and are priced at $100 a day to include meals, camping, education and fun. If that price is not accessible to you, please reach out to Left Hand Hemp to learn about the internship positions available.

To sign up for Montrose workshop: Attend a Hempcrete Workshop

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Upcoming Workshops

Workshop Fundraisers coming up Summer/Fall 2018 in Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti and Puerto Rico. Info will be added late-March for these educational workshops to build schools and rebuild the communities while also giving money back to the communities. Hemp and hemp construction can help communities become self-sufficient.
wellness warriorAs many hands as possible is needed to help rebuild in these locations.
Help the hard-working individuals who are doing the work that needs to be done in Puerto Rico (aka roof tarping, tree cutting, medicine disbursement). They are truly helping save lives, donate to the disaster relief here.