Come to a workshop and learn about hempcrete

Hempcrete is said to be one of the best building materials on Earth. Combining the idealistic properties of natural humidity control, a carbon negative footprint and fire, pest and mold resistance; hempcrete makes an excellent building material. If you have ever been interested in learning about this material, we invite you to attend this tiny home hempcrete workshop.


What is a hemp construction workshop? We will discuss and learn hands-on about the building material of hempcrete, it’s properties, recipes and best practices for how to properly build a hempcrete tiny home. Starting from a post and beam structure, we will construct a building made from hemp, lime and water.

Why is hempcrete such an awesome building material? The hemp hurd, lime and water bind together to create a breathable, porous structure that gets stronger over time and will withstand against all of Earth’s weather elements. After the Earth-friendly plaster, the hempcrete is rendered fire proof and weather ready.

Who Should Attend? Anyone is welcome to attend a workshop! If you have ever wondered about this material that has been widely popular in Europe and now across the U.S., here is your chance to come learn all the hemp-building knowledge you would need to build your own tiny home! Natural building materials such as hempcrete are catching everyone’s eye! Attending this workshop will teach you everything you need to know about hemp construction. If you are at all interested in this incredible natural building material, don’t miss out on this educational opportunity.

Materials to bring:

– Safety Goggles, Longsleeves & a Water Bottle

– Camping Gear or Hotel Accomidations

– Notebook for workshop notes and come with Questions !

Included in the workshop price are organic meals, a place to camp, bathrooms, water, resources to take with you, and a hands-on full learning experience.



Hemp Construction Founder and Builder – Kelly Thornton (970) 433-0414 or

Workshop Coordinator– Alli Cloyd (937) 520-5365 or

Architect – Bob Escher – Escher Design Inc.

Timber Wright – Mark Cover – Forbes Road Sawmill & Woodworks, Inc.