Why Hempcrete?

Hemp is grown without the need for pesticides, too much water and absorbs toxins and CO2 from the soil. Hemp farming is one of the many benefits to using it as a building material. 

Why is hempcrete such an awesome building material? The hemp hurd, lime and water bind together to create a breathable, porous structure that gets stronger over time and will withstand against all of Earth’s weather elements. After the Earth-friendly plaster, the hempcrete is rendered fire proof, weather ready, mold and pest proof and will absorb CO2 as it curing. Your structure will help clean your air and will have no negative side effects to your health.

Hempcrete has good insulating properties and fills voids permanently. Traditional insulating batts leave gaps and often create more as the structure ages. Structures around the world are holding up with excellent resistance to Earth’s elements.

The hempcrete material is hygroscopic. That means the temperature and humidity in your home will be naturally regulated. Lime within the mix allows for breathability and wicks water out.


Fires – 365,000
Death – 2650
Injuries – 11,075

Financial Loss – 7 Billion



Fires – 1,345,000
Deaths – 3280
Injuries – 15,700

Financial Loss – 14.3 Billion