Why Hempcrete?

Hempcrete is an insulating material, so there must be a frame such as post and beam.

  • Flameproof (Due to Lime and Plaster)
  • Mold/Mildew resistant (Lime creates Alkaline environment)
  • Insect/pest resistant (Bugs and rodents can’t eat through it)
  • Vapor Permeable (Actually breathes)
  • Best Natural Insulator (~R2/Inch but studies are showing it preforming even better than that)
  • Up 1,314 pounds of water vapor could be stored in 1 cubic metre or 35 cubic feet of hempcrete – so this means that very humid climates will still keep dry and cool because water vapor slowly wicks out of wall (The Hempcrete Book)

Hempcrete Sauna inside
Hempcrete Sauna build March 10, 2018

Insulating properties

Hempcrete has great insulating properties and fills voids permanently. Traditional insulation batts leave gaps and often create more as the structure ages. Hempcrete structures around the world are holding up with excellent resistance to Earth’s elements. Tests show R values of 2 per inch, but are performing at higher rates than that, some studies show R 4 per inch! Traditional homes will have a 12 inch wall.



The hempcrete material is hygroscopic. That means the temperature and humidity in your home will be naturally regulated. Lime within the mix allows for breathability and wicks water out.

  • Walls can withstand as much as 1,314 pounds of water vapor in 1 cubic metre or 35 cubic feet of hempcrete
  • 7 x 5 x 1 wall section

Stylish and Modern look

Blend in or stand out, the design of your hempcrete building  can be anything you want. The plaster can be dyed with an Earth-based color of your choosing. You can go tiny or big with hempcrete construction!

 Fire Resistant

Hydraulic lime in your hempcrete mix will render the encapsulated wood fire-proof and will not create a toxic black smoke.

  • In 2009, a British Fire test showed that a 10 x 10 x 12 inch wall could withstand temperatures of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit while subjecting to a vertical load of 30,349 pounds. The wall met requirements for integrity, insulation and load bearing capacity for 73 minutes.

Fires – 365,000 | Death – 2650 | Injuries – 11,075 | Financial Loss – 7 Billion

Fires – 1,345,000 | Deaths – 3280 | Injuries – 15,700 | Financial Loss – 14.3 Billion

Carbon Sequestration

  • 716 pounds of CO2 is taken up during the growth cycle of hemp (for every ton of hemp grown)
  • Hemp takes in more CO2 in their life cycle of 4 months than trees do
  • About 200,000 new homes are built in Canada (at an average of 2,000 sq ft) every year. If the homes were built with hempcrete, 990,000 tonnes of Carbon could be sequestered as opposed to the 207,000 tonnes of carbon emitted by using standard fiberglass insulation.

The hemp hurd, lime and water bind together to create a breathable, porous structure that gets stronger over time. It continues to sequester CO2 as it is curing, which can take 1-2 weeks. After applying a natural plaster, the hempcrete is fully protected from the elements.  Your structure will help clean your air and will have no negative side effects to your health.


Hemp Farming is GREAT for the planet

Hemp is so beneficial that the entire plant can be utilized. Hemp hurd is actually an agricultural waste product that has and infinite number of uses. Hemp is grown without the need for pesticides, it uses less water than other crops, it is beneficial to soil, and has phytoremediation ability as well. Pollinators love it and it leaves soils better off than it found it. Hemp is an economical cash crop that replaces the need for toxic elements and products. Hemp is the strongest fiber on Earth and with over 10,000 uses for the plant,  the supply chain for the plant will always be in demand.

hemp field

Community Building

  • Teach communities to build sustainable homes
  • An average of 4 tonnes of raw hemp could build a 1,500 sq ft home. Depending on how the yield of a hemp field, 2-4 acres could produce this amount.
  • Communities could be created that are highly energy-efficient by farming hemp and then building with it.

Reference: The Essential Hempcrete Construction book by Magwood

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